Our executive director has always had a love of both art and science. To make her vision manifest she founded Anatomoulds, a proudly South African company, to bridge the gap between artistry and medical education. She teamed up with the best academics and anatomists in veterinary medicine to form a group with a comprehensive understanding of the training and skills required to train the highest quality veterinary professionals.

The Anatomoulds team has a deep understanding of the human-animal bond and has an unwavering commitment to anatomical accuracy and precision surgical training. This ethos has influenced every aspect of our design and manufacturing process. We craft anatomically accurate surgical models that capture the intricate nuances of real animal tissues. By simulating the touch, feel, and texture of actual surgical procedures, we have created an immersive learning experience whereby veterinary students can develop their abilities before they apply them to real-life patients. Our models allow them to have confidence in their ability to provide the best care in real-life scenarios.

Animal-wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. We look forward to providing institutions of higher learning with the tools to train the next generation of veterinary professionals that will shape the future of innovation in medicine.