Veterinary Products

Bovine Tuberculin Testing Training Models


• Bovine Teat Suturing Model
• Bovine Tuberculosis Test Model
• Bovine Suture Pad


• Canine Castration Model
• Canine Early Pregnancy Detection Model
• Canine Ovariohysterectomy Model

Equine Nasogastric Training Units


• Equine Tail Bandaging Model
• Nasogastric Intubation and Transtracheal Aspiration Model
• Equine Aging Model

Sutureskin Units To Practice Suturing


• Hollow Organ Suture Pad
• Large Animal Suture Frame
• Large Frame
• Rat Dissection Model
• Small Animal Multi-layer Suture Pad
• Small Frame
• Small Animal Single-layer Suture Pad


• Ovine Body Condition Scoring Model
• Ovine Bühner Suture Model
• Ovine Handling, Vaginoscopy, Intra-Vaginal Sponge Placement and Artificial Insemination Model
• Ovine Head and Neck Model


• Piglet Model

Bovine Teat Suturing Model

Bovine Teat Suturing Model
Consists of

• Bovine teat suturing model